Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dyson DC26 Product Review

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I read the previous review and decided to purchase this vacuum anyway. Before purchasing I looked at practically every vacuum on the market and if I lived in a slightly bigger home, I probably would purchase a Miele or bigger Dyson instead. As it is, I live in a VERY small condo that has practically no storage space and this has turned out to be THE ideal vacuum for me! I have hardwood floors, tile and carpet in my home so I LOVE the fact that I can use this machine on all three! My place is so small that I had been using a hand-held Dirt Devil vacuum for my carpet and a Swiffer for the hardwood floors and tile. I really wanted to get a canister vacuum to get under my couch, furniture, etc. but I needed to also have something that would be reasonably small to store. This vacuum has been perfect! It is true that the vacuum does NOT leave "waves" on your carpet when you vacuum, but that is not a deal breaker for me. The vacuum is also rather expensive for what you get, but again, there is nothing else on the market that is this small and this powerful! One thing I would add is that once it is assembled, it is a bit bigger than you might expect because of the hose. I had to wrap the hose around the "stick" part to store it in the available space I have, but it fits perfectly! As far as actual cleaning, it works great! I find it to be much quieter than the vacuum it replaced and it has TONS of suction. The exhaust is so strong that it slowly spun my ceiling fans around as I cleaned. Impressive power, indeed! If you live in a very small home/space/condo, then I would say look no further! This is exactly what you want to buy! If you have a lot of space you may want something more powerful and/or cheaper. However, I'm very impressed by the performance and I LOVE the small size...nothing bigger would fit in my home!

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I live during the summer in a 30' camping trailer. All day, every day until I head back to Arizona for the winter. Keeping the floors (including rugs) and furniture clean had been a chore. Now with my little Dyson "monster" there is no problem. It is small so requires that the dirt container be cleaned after each use and fits easily in the storage area under my bed. Thank you DYSON!!!